There is a lot of effort that goes into a reforestation project, and Stream-Link Education has the entire process down to a science. The following consists of the preparation, organization, and implementation that is required in order to guarantee a successful tree planting:  

  • The first step involves identifying a suitable area for a tree planting along a local stream. Many times, there are sources of pollution nearby (grazing cattle, highways) and the planting will serve as a "buffer" between the stream and the pollution source.
  • Identify plants: It is important that native trees and shrubs are planted, and the Stream-Link team will identify where these plants will be most effective and how many to plant on a given site. 
  • Perform site prep including: mowing, weed whacking, auguring holes, setting up supplies and equipment.
  • Stream-Link will coordinate volunteers, including students from local schools, service groups, scout troops, organizations or businesses in Frederick County, MD. After a quick and informative ecology lesson and a demonstration of proper planting techniques, volunteers are given all necessary supplies they need to plant trees.
  • Stream-Link takes responsibility for maintenance and takes it very seriously. We maintains all sites for 3 years, ensuring 85% survival rates for all of our plantings. Maintenance duties include: mowing, feeding, and straightening shelters and stakes.